Research Funding

UBCRS is committed to support of research that better treats, prevents and, ultimately, cures breast cancer. In this effort, we are proud to financially assist researchers that have demonstrated favorable therapies and promising treatment protocols in need of research funding. UBCRS welcomes such organizations to apply for research funding through our two-phase application process. In the initial phase, applicants download and complete a simple, one-page research grant application with basic information including study description and limited budget amounts. After review by the research and funding panel of UBCRS, the applicant will receive and is invited to submit a phase two application that is more in depth.

UBCRS is proud to be recognized by the Council on Humane Giving  with the Humane Charity Seal of Approval.  As such, UBCRS only supports research that does not involve animal experiments.

The phase one Grant Application can be downloaded here.

Completed phase one grant applications and questions can be sent to