In 2011, the United Breast Cancer Research Society was founded to support all aspects of breast cancer research. While screening and support of breast cancer survivors is imperative, the goal of UBCRS is to specifically help those that are working to find better, less invasive treatments and, ultimately, a cure.

UBCRS fulfills its mission through:
• Research grants to highly promising research and clinical trials
• Support of research fellowships, training and education
• Assistance to communities in identifying clinical trial opportunities
• Community outreach

As UBCRS develops, we hope to enrich this website with resources that provide visitors with access to detailed disease education and links to supporting organizations.

UBCRS is proud to be recognized by the Council on Humane Giving  with the Humane Charity Seal of Approval.  As such, UBCRS only supports research that does not involve animal experiments.

Based in Washington, DC, UBCRS has partners across the country. UBCRS is thoroughly committed to the support of breast cancer research, and is dedicated to providing all those afflicted with an opportunity to one day live cancer free.

Contact us for breast cancer research support or for additional information.